The Lexington Catholic InvenTeam was started and is led by Derek Smith and Greg Jacobelli. The origional group consists of 5 juniors and 1 sophomore. The team has since expanded to 9 members and is still working to recruit additional help. We have solidified our final application idea and are currently working to finish up the application documents. 




The invention that our team has come up with is a collapseable/adjustable sports wheelchair. This product is geared toward the large basketball wheelchair and other wheelchair sports communities. The concept is that the user will be able to effectively adjust the wheels on his/her own chair so that they are perpendicular to the ground as to decrease the overall width of the chair. 

Lexington Catholic InvenTeam

Meet our team. The 2015-2016 InvenTeam from Lexington Catholic is a group of five Juniors in addition to one Sophomore. Meet all of the members and get to know our interests here in this introduction video!